Our Pledge: To help our clients achieve their financial goals through a cohesive, diligent, inclusive, and responsive approach to managing their portfolios while fostering a long lasting relationship rooted in trust.
We meet with you and assist you in determining your requirements, paying careful attention to your current situation, immediate future, and long term goals. We begin with an in depth discussion concerning your current financial situation. We look at your time horizon, risk tolerance as well as your financial goals and needs as well as any income requirements. We take the time to understand your unique situation and to answer any questions you may have. We will then choose with you a course of action that best suits your needs based on your priorities.
We create with the information gleaned from our initial interview a customized portfolio proposal, a blueprint to your future financial success. An individualized asset allocation strategy is built with your input. We will then review the proposal with you and make any necessary adjustments and answer any and all questions.
We will then proceed to make any changes as outlined in the customized portfolio. Each holding must be aligned with the parameters identified during our initial interview phase respecting the risk and return objectives established. As an individual portfolio manager I have the freedom to choose the best products, securities and strategies to achieve your goals. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, derivatives, ETF’s, private placements, externally managed portfolios, discretionary management, IPO’s, leveraged accounts are just some of the many tools available to help us meet your goals.
Monitor &
We will continually monitor and revise your portfolio as your needs and the market changes. We will be there to answer your questions, assist in meeting your administrative requests and guide you through tumultuous markets. We will be your advocate and sounding board. We will operate in a transparent and respectful manner. We will never be complacent always striving for better returns optimizing opportunities and mitigating risk making sure your portfolio continues to track your objectives.
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As a Portfolio Manager I dedicate myself to helping my clients reach their financial goals by building a portfolio that is uniquely suited to achieve their needs and aspirations. My aim is to foster a cooperative approach rooted in trust, comfort and communication at all times. My clients come first!

Outside of my passion for success as a Portfolio Manager I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and playing several sports such as golf, basketball and hockey. My family is without a doubt my number one priority. In addition, I enjoy spending time in my community and work with several children’s charities throughout the year. I believe that giving back to the community is a must.

Having been in the business for over 30 years, I understand the cyclical nature of the market and the changing requirements of my clients as they progress through the different stages of their lives. I work with my clients, assisting them to reach their financial goals throughout their journey with special focus at key junctures such as buying a home, planning for a child’s education, retirement planning and estate planning. We create a portfolio that is best suited to achieving your specific goals throughout your lifetime. We provide a tailored experience, exclusive to your personal situation and aspirations that grows with you and your family. Building a portfolio that serves your needs is a process, not a one size fits all solution.

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Kristin Mielke Associate Advisor

As an Associate Advisor I strive to provide superior service to our clientele. Having over 25 plus years of experience in the financial services industry assisting clients with their queries I work one on one with Mr. Dimitriadis to meet our clients’ needs. As a team we work together to build, implement and monitor our clients’ portfolios. We embrace a process approach that is diligent and responsive. It is our goal to provide continuity of service; to be ever present for our clients. Embracing a team approach assures that there will always be someone there to help you!

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Our principle goal is to protect and grow your wealth over time. Our investment philosophy is value centric. Before investing we seek to understand the quality of the securities we are recommending. We look for value for the shareholder. We deploy your capital in a flexible manner that mitigates risk. Our team know you and your portfolio, and is never more than a phone call, or email away.



Phone: 514-499-0082
Toll Free: 1-855-395-5219

Fred Dimitriadis - Portfolio Manager
Email: fdimitriadis@mandevillepc.com
Kristin Mielke - Associate Advisor
Email: kmielke@mandevillepc.com